Everything Is Awesome


This past weekend, I took my six-year-old daughter to see The Lego Movie. I intentionally avoided watching any previews or reading review because I didn’t want to go in with any expectations. Of course, because I’ve watched  other Lego cartoons like Ninjago and The Adventures of Clutch Powers, I couldn’t help but have a some preconceived notions about the animation and script quality.

As it turns out, everything about this movie is awesome.

Anyone who knows me personally probably suspects the truth: I’m a Lego Fanboy. My Star Wars Lego collection might be a hint, or that when my six-year-old daughter and I play Legos together, I’m usually still at it three hours after she moves on to her next activity. We have a thirty gallon plastic bin of Legos that I collected over more than thirty years, and while my daughter has contributed at least two gallons since shew as old enough to know she’s supposed to connect the bricks, not eat them, I can still remember the original sets from which those mish-mashed pieces originated. I instructions for many of the sets I bought as an adult, and, for the rest, I know I can download original Lego instruction manuals.

So The Lego Movie is pretty much a mirror of playing Lego’s with my daugher: it’s a mash-up of themes and characters, with Princess Leia rescuing Ninjago’s Nya from the clutches of the evil Hello Kitty (yes, our Legos are contaminated with other “interlocking block systems”) from the undead hoard
in her Intergalactic Battle Cruiser/Pet Salon.

(To clarify, the whole Hello Kitty/Undead/Battlecruiser thing is my daughter and I playing, not the plot of The Lego Movie – but it could be!)

The Lego Movie has awesome special effects that seem at times to blend old-school stop-motion animation with bleeding edge CGI. It’s rife with adult humor that will goes way over the heads of the kids (my daughter couldn’t understand why I and every other adult in the theater were belly-laughing after Batman found out Chewbacca’s a dude). And you know a movie is super classy when Billy Dee Williams makes an appearance.

And don’t get me started on Uni-Kitty, who is apparently my daughter’s favorite character from The Lego Movie.

I see family counseling in our future.

Or maybe we’ll just play with our Legos more often, because when we do, everything is awesome.