Tanium Knows What You Don’t Know

0413_tanium-david-orion-hindawi-2_1200x675In this brave new world of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), horizontally scaleable virtual servers, and ubiquitous WiFi across the Enterprise, it’s no wonder IT Managers don’t know what they don’t know. Father-and-son team Orion Hindawi (35 years-old) and David (70) leverage peer-to-peer techniques to rapidly hunt down devices hiding in every nook and cranny in an Enterprise network.

“Most of our customers had no idea how many computers they had before we got there,” Orion says. “If they can’t answer that basic question, how are they supposed to answer what’s running or where their users are or where their data is?”

Read more about Tanium in the Forbes post “Meet Tanium, The Secret Cybersecurity Weapon Of Target, Visa And Amazon,” available in print in the May 2015 issue.