Carrot Cake at Daily Grill

Daily Grill in downtown DC at the corner of 18th Street NW and M Street is one of my favorite places for lunch during the weekday. Just a couple of blocks from Dupont Circle, Daily Grill caters to the core demographic of “the Golden Triangle”: lobbyists, interns with trust funds, non-for-profits employees burning off their not-profits, and guys like me, who forgot their brown bag lunch before taking the trusty BMW into work.

Everything I’ve eaten at the Daily Grill on previous visits has been fair to good. They have one of the best burgers in town, the sweet potato fries are perhaps the perfect food, and the crusty half-loaf of bread with a pat of butter is an excellent alternative to chips an salsa. Unfortunately, the average lunch costs per person is $20 per meal, including a modest tip (but no alcohol).

So I set my budget for $10 and ordered the carrot cake and a Diet Coke (I was watching my sugar intake). My wife and daughter made me a wonderfully tasty carrot cake from a box recipe for my birthday the week before, and I wanted to see how Daily Grill’s carrot cake stacked up.

Here’s a pearl of wisdom I discovered as a result of my experiment: if you order dessert from a grill, set your expectation very low.

The cake was dry and not very carroty( unless carrots now taste like baking soda), and the cream cheese icing proved to be lard with a little sugar sprinkled across the top.

It takes a lot from me to walk away from a dessert. This one, I did.

So, if happen by Daily Grill for lunch, stop by and grab a burger. But please, skip dessert.

(Editor’s note: BMW stands for “Bus, Metro, Walk”)


Rating: 2 / 5