Three Out of Five Is Not Bad

No adrenaline rush today. When I got home from work today, I already felt like I had walked five miles. I was beat, and I was starting to tell myself it would be alright to skip The Walk (I’m starting to think of it as a proper noun), especially since I did so well yesterday.

I spent the early part of the evening with my family, having dinner, chatting on the phone with my buddy Steve about closing on his new house, talking with my four-year-old about her day at school, and then checking Facebook while she took her bath.

When it was time for my wife to put out daughter to bed, I found myself getting ready for The Walk. I really didn’t think about until after I started putting my shoes on and remembered that, just an hour earlier, I had convinced myself not to go at all.

So, maybe I set tonight’s expectations high when I planned for five miles. After thirty minutes on the elliptical, I had only made it 2.5 miles, and I new five miles wasn’t happening. I finished up the last half mile in a few minutes, and felt satisfied I had made it three miles.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to quit when you’re ahead. Well, at least tonight.

973 miles to go!