is an aviation technology news an information source targeted towards users of Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) technologies and other next-generation aviation tools.

When Paperless Cockpit, Inc. (that awesomely innovative aviation technology company I worked for between 2001 and 2006) shut its doors, several thousand users were left without any support. A handful of volunteers came together and took over the domain.

Since 2007, we’ve done our best to keep the site updated with the latest tech tips, regulatory updates, and aviation technology news. It’s a mix of original content (often written – and poorly edited – by me) and aggregated news feeds from across the industry.

The meager revenues from this site are generated by ad placements,  member subscriptions for premium content and donations.

The site is built on top of WordPress using a highly-customized theme. The membership system is powered by the S3 Membership plugin (which I highly recommend). Donations and subscriptions are processed via PayPal.

A responsive design version of the site is underworks, and there’s even a App under development (when our volunteers have the time).

If you’re interested in volunteering for the project (or acquiring it outright so we unpaid volunteers can finally take a break), shoot an email to [email protected].

It should be noted that has not affiliation with the now-defunct Paperless Cockpit, Inc., other than transfer of ownership of the domain name.

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