The Only Thing I’m Addicted to Right Now is Winning

I must be channeling Charley Sheen today, because I just knocked out not one, not two, not two and three-quarters, but five miles on the elliptical machine! I have one speed: GO! You can’t process me with a normal brain. I’m an F-18, bro!

Alright, calm. Calm. Breath in. Breath out. Endorphins dissipating. Pulse dropping under 100. Charlie Sheen back in his black rubber suite, mouth zippered shut, and locked in the steamer trunk.

Since April 7, I’ve walked twenty-four miles on the elliptical machine in the tiny gymnasium at my apartment. While an average of less than two miles a day won’t get me to my goal of one thousand miles by April 7, 2013, days like today give me confidence that I can bring that average up to around four miles a day. I’m also hoping that I can increase my average speed from five miles per hour to six miles per hour within the next two months.

Of course, the key to progress is getting out there and doing it every day. With work and family commitments, this can be tough. Julia, my wife, is being super-supportive and picking up even more of the slack around the house while I’m off on my evening stroll. She is the most amazing woman, challenging me to be better without nagging me; loving me for who I am even while helping me grow.

Yulka, I love you.

So, from Charlie Sheen to heartfelt expressions of true love, this post has it all. I’ll leave you with one more word of wisdom from The Sheen:

“Can’t is the cancer of happening.”

CLICK! (the sound of the steamer trunk being padlocked)

976 miles to go…


19 Miles Down, 981 to Go

Here’s the truth: I was abominably lazy last week. I won’t make any of the usual excuses (working late, kid duty, PTA, zombie apocalypse): I just didn’t make myself do it.

And since I rode my motorcycle to work most days this past week, I also skipped the half mile walk from the Metro to my office. Then again, balancing have a ton of motorcycle in DC gridlock for an hour is somewhat of a workout.

I decided to start out the upcoming week at a good pace. Today I knocked off five miles on the elliptical machine in just under fifty-eight minutes. Beating a five-mile per hour average is a pretty big milestone fore me.

When I first started using the elliptical a little more than a year ago, I was lucky to average 3.5 miles per hour. Back then, I was excited just to finish a mile!

The elliptical is actually a lot easier than a treadmill, but getting the technique down during the first few sessions can be daunting. It took me several miles to figure out the elliptical machine is really something between a treadmill and an exercise bike, rather than something between a stair master and Hell.

So, I’m now “only” 981 miles away from my goal. If I’m going to make it, I have to stay motivated and make up some of those lazy days.

I’m defiantly beat after my five mile jaunt, but I feel great.

14 Miles Down, 986 Miles to Go

I got of to a great start on my 35th birthday, April 7,2012. I walked five miles on the elliptical machine.

Things went down Gil from there.

On the 8th, I was suffering from some bug (no, I didn’t eat too much Easter Candy), and with the festivities, I skipped the gym.

I was ready to go Monday, but I banged my toe on the couch so badly, I thought it was broken. I skipped Monday might as a result, but made it back Tuesday for three miles, and another three on Thursday.

We had to run out of town unexpectedly to visit family in Richmond, but after another day I was ready. Today, I did another three miles for a a grand total of fourteen miles as of this post.

I’m beat, but in a good way.

1000 Miles

My name is Curtis Oden. Today is my thirty-fifth birthday. I weigh 407 pounds. Today, I making a commitment to myself,my family, and my friends. I will walk one thousand miles this year.

I am not doing this to loose weight.

I am doing this to continue the trend I’ve been on for the past year: I’ve walked more and exercised more in the past year than I did in the previous fifteen. My weight remains at around 400 lbs, but I have more energy, my lifelong asthma has diminished to the point where I use a rescue inhaler ever six months rather than every six hours, I’m able to play more actively with my daughter, and I’m able to enjoy life more by getting out and experiencing it.

One thousand miles is a pretty steep goal. I’m guesstimating that I walked five hundred miles last year without paying too much attention to it.

This year, I think 1000 miles is challenging but doable. Of course, I’m going to need help from my friends and family. There’s a couple of ways you can help:

  1. Walk with me. There’s no reason why we can’t do this together and encourage eachother.
  2. Make a pledge to on of my “mini-goals”. In the weeks to come, I’ll share a few milestones (ie 100 miles, 250 miles,etc) that you can pledge on. I’ll have one or two charities set up via Crowdrise so you can pay up as I blast through those goals.
  3. A big part of my motivation is to help my friend Sasha, a four-year-old boy who is battling lukemia for mor than a year. I’ll be setting up a fund to help cover his treatment costs. The fund will have with special milestones and events.
  4. Please be considerate to people of size, and share this site with them. Most obese people aren’t fat because they are lazy, but it is damn hard to overcome that inertia. If I hadn’t gotten past my asthma, it would be difficult for me to commit to one tenth if this. I want to dispel the stereotype that obese people are lazy and have an unhealthy lifestyle.

Here we go…