QUORA: Is it possible to be a web designer as a second job, and what are some suggestions on how to do that?

Curtis Oden added this answer.

If you are a good designer, and your primary occupation is design (i.e. print), you can certainly make a decent supplemental income by learning how to create good HTML mockups (really HTML5 these days) from Photoshop designs. You’ll need to get proficient in doing storyboards for various viewports (device sizes), landing pages and content types.

You should become an expert in CSS3 and Responsive Web Design techniques. Also, it’s helpful to get to know how theming working in common content management systems like WordPress. The best designers may not know how to do programming, but they should have a good grasp of what the code is going to generate on the page.

If you’re any good and in a decent market, you’re part-time gigs may drag you into a new full-time gig.

The first thing you need to do is build up a solid portfolio of any professional work that you’ve done (and can share without violating non-disclosure agreements or threatening your main gig).

Take on some cheesy blogs or small-business brochureware sites for family, friends and acquaintances in exchange for beer (or babysitting if you have kids – date nights are expensive!), Read more…

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