Do You Get What You Pay For? Hosting Company 1and1 FAILs Again

I can forgive a fifteen minute network outage: the Internet is a tenuous web of fiber-optics, copper wire and wishful thinking. It doesn’t take much more than someone to forget to “call before digging” to take out my whole neighborhood’s Internet access, which is why I pay a hosting company like 1and1 to host my websites in a state-of-the-art green facility that provides power, connectivity and security. Gone are the days of that dusty 486 Linux box, when dinosaurs roamed he earth and Archie ruled rule the Net with an iron fist while Veronica quivered in fear with her pet rodent clutched in her ams.

Is it odd that I long for the days of a dialup BBS?

Today, I don’t think it’s so odd.

1and1failSometime around noon, all of my 1and1 website started getting really, really S-L-O-W. And then they started throwing “500” errors, or “I can’t find your damned database” errors.

I hadn’t made any updates and I verified the WordPress installation hadn’t made any security updates on it’s own initiative either.

After several hours of me banging my head and not seeing any problem reports from 1and1, they finally posted:

Some 1&1 customers may be experiencing issues accessing their websites hosted by 1&1.

We’ll update as the situation develops.

The indecent report says 1and1 first learned of the problem on 06/11/2014 at 12:26PM. The report was updated at 2:32PM. And eight hours later, this message is still there.

I’ve started migrating my sites over to Amazon Web Services. It may cost me more per month, but at least I can take comfort knowing that as long as NetFlix is running, my sites are running.

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