One Hour, Sixty-Two Miles

Me, after an hour of sweating.

Last Wednesday, I passed mile fifty-seven. Up to that point, I was on a great run of five mile days, but my body was paying for it. I decided to take a couple of days off to recuperate, and with weekend activities “conflicting” with my walking time, I ended up taking four days off.

I jumped right back in with five miles today, but I need to work out an alternating routine during the week until I’m really comfortable with five miles a day and not having so much difficulty the next day.

In a car, I can easily travel sixty-two miles in an hour. I barely notice the distance, and while hope I’m getting good gas mileage, I really don’t think about the amount of energy being expended. It’s taken me more than twelve hours spread over slightly more than a month to travel sixty-miles. It was hard work. The next road trip I take, I think I’ll appreciate my wheels a little more.

The count so far: 62 miles down, 938 miles to go.

My photo finish turned out a bit shaky...

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