Giving It 7.2 Percent

Seven-point-two percent. Of 1000. It doesn’t sound like much. But I promise you, walking seventy-two miles in a month and a half is not an easy task for a guy who weighs 400 lbs (although I think I may be dipping below that now), and who probably didn’t walk seventy-two total miles per year prior to 2010.

I was hoping to hit 100 miles this week, but my body told me earlier this week I needed to take some time to recover. Since my post on Tuesday, I did manage five miles on Wednesday and another five Thursday. I’m feeling moderately stiff today, but I’m not as bad off as I was last weekend. Five miles in a daily session on the elliptical  is apparently something I need to work up to over a month or so, not try to do it in the first one hundred miles.

I’m going to continue to shoot for five miles a day, but I’m going to try and stagger (no pun intended) between no more than three back to back all-at-once five mile sessions days followed at least two days where the miles are spread out over other activities, like walking at the park, zoo or one of the many museums across the river in DC.

I’m also going to try taking the longer route to work. My current route is about half a mile on the way in and another half mile on the way back home (interrupted by a Metro ride and a shuttle bus), for a total of one commuting mile a day. I haven’t been counting these miles towards my totals, but I think I may need to to reach my 1000 mile goal next April. Besides, mornings and evenings in DC are wonderful in the summer, and are a perfect time to walk.

I may also take up walking at lunch again, provided it’s not too hot that day. I really don’t want to come back to the office with my clothes soaked through with sweat. And I suspect my co-workers would appreciate it if I avoided it as well.

Tonight I plan on doing the five miles again on the elliptical (this will be the third night in a row), but tomorrow I’ll try a different activity to reach the five miles. It’s a Saturday, so I won’t have the walk to work, but I’m sure my four-year-old can help me find and activity to get my feet moving.

The count: Seventy-two miles down, nine hundred twenty-eight to go.


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