32 Miles In First Month – Not Bad, But I Can Do Better

Worn out and sweaty
Worn out and sweaty, but feeling good with ONLY 968 miles to go.

With this evening’s five miles on the elliptical, I’m finishing up April with 32 miles total, waving ONLY 968 miles to finish up over the next eleven months. It’s a decent start, but I’m going to have to do about 30 miles PER WEEK to make my goal of 1000 miles by next April.

I did manage to improve my five mile time by two minutes, from 60 minutes in the beginning of the month to 58 minutes tonight. I even briefly considered a sixth mile, but the stich in my side convinced me otherwise.

So, I’m hot, sweaty and tired, but I feel great. I’d love an ice cold beer, but all we have is tea, so I’m going to drink my tea. And yes, my pinkie will be extended.

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