19 Miles Down, 981 to Go

Here’s the truth: I was abominably lazy last week. I won’t make any of the usual excuses (working late, kid duty, PTA, zombie apocalypse): I just didn’t make myself do it.

And since I rode my motorcycle to work most days this past week, I also skipped the half mile walk from the Metro to my office. Then again, balancing have a ton of motorcycle in DC gridlock for an hour is somewhat of a workout.

I decided to start out the upcoming week at a good pace. Today I knocked off five miles on the elliptical machine in just under fifty-eight minutes. Beating a five-mile per hour average is a pretty big milestone fore me.

When I first started using the elliptical a little more than a year ago, I was lucky to average 3.5 miles per hour. Back then, I was excited just to finish a mile!

The elliptical is actually a lot easier than a treadmill, but getting the technique down during the first few sessions can be daunting. It took me several miles to figure out the elliptical machine is really something between a treadmill and an exercise bike, rather than something between a stair master and Hell.

So, I’m now “only” 981 miles away from my goal. If I’m going to make it, I have to stay motivated and make up some of those lazy days.

I’m defiantly beat after my five mile jaunt, but I feel great.

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